There are only two characters (I think... I'm sure one of the others will correct me if they read this)  that haven't been showcased... two characters that I feel have been under-represented, and I aim to fix that right now, by dedicating two months worth of commissions to them.

We have this month, Elijah Watson, and Patrick Moreau... They'll get hero names next month, but for now... they are just Elijah and Patrick, investigating a crime scene in their civilian identities. And once again, Joe Eisma knocks this one out of the park with a fun image, that exceeded my expectations.

As always, please check out his Patreon page HERE. If you have a bit of money to spare, I recommend you send some of it his way. He's an awesome guy, a great artist, and he deserves anything you can give him. Also, if you are interested in his comic "Morning Glories" the 50th issue should be dropping ... Next week, I believe, so pick it up! 

Art by: Joe Eisma    Characters copyright Slamfist Media.