The Commission Collection: Month 4

So, I have an idea for a blog post, that I ended up running through my head over and over while I was trying to resist the urge to scream at people the other night at work... Hopefully I will have something to show for that soon. 

But, you came here for the art, didn't you?

One of the things I have been trying to do with these commissions from Joe, is to get another interpretation of all our characters. At this point, there are 4 of the primary characters we have created that have not been represented, so I am hoping to rectify those gapes now, by taking two more names off the list.

Below, you will see X and Khai fighting, because... Why not? I'm trying to make these all different, and as interesting as possible. Joe came through with a fun piece that I honestly feel is only a slight bit of color, and a little background away from being an awesome page in a comic.

As always, if you like what you see, I encourage you with as much insistence as I can manage in a long ramble-y post, check out Joe's Patreon! Join me in helping this guy do what he loves, and entertain the masses while he does so. And maybe, pick up some issues of Morning Glories! That comic is a glorious little mind screw, that twists and turns, and makes you hate high school kids more than you did when you were one of them! And if you love Morning Glories, you practically HAVE to become a patron... since there is a special Patreon exclusive Morning Glories comic, that is currently getting a small update once per month.... but with your help, we could up that to twice per month! So come on over, join us in supporting a great artist! But look at the picture below first. :)

Art by Joe Eisma     Characters Copyright Slamfist Media