Gonna start this one with a piece that is several months old, but... I never really featured it. Last year at the Cincinnati Comic Expo, as a way to try and calm my nerves, I visited an old convention friend, Jay Fife (If you see him at a convention, definitely check out his work). A very talented guy, and I have several pieces by him decorating my walls. If you see him, I highly recommend his "Dark Willow" or possibly "Godzilla vs Cthulhu" if he has prints of them available. Both are excellent pieces. Once more, this is Sync, a character Jay chose out of the binder as the character he felt most inspired to draw... And, I have to say he made a wonderful choice, as his version of Sync may very well (in my eyes, at least) be the definitive version of the character!

Art by Jay Fife    Character Copyright Slamfist Media

Also, I can't neglect our monthly commission from the very talented Joe Eisma. This is one that I am personally very fond of. I make it no mystery that I love magic/ fantasy concepts, and when I had the ability to add a sort of supernatural element to the Supara universe, I was happy beyond belief. So below, you will see my characters Pendra and the Lady. I asked Joe to go with a very Arthurian scene, in this case, pulling the sword from the stone. To say I love this piece, would be a gross understatement. This may very well be my favorite commission we have ever had done... and considering the multitude of commissions we have posted, that is saying a lot! Please, Check out Joe's Patreon HERE, and if you are able, join me in backing him!

Art by Joe Eisma     Characters Copyright Slamfist Media