The best part of each month, is getting the latest in our series of commissions. This is the last of the purely Supara-related commissions. Hopefully next month, will begin something that I find personally amusing. Hopefully you'll enjoy them as much as I do coming up with the ideas...


I'm gonna try this, because... why not? I watched a movie, and I feel like trying to write again. Or perhaps, I should say I felt like writing again, so I went to see a movie I thought would piss me off enough to want to write... But did it piss me off? Well... read on and find out.

The Commission Collection: Month 4

As I try and get the nerve back to do some writing again, after so long not being able to really focus my thoughts, I thought I'd take another monthly trip into our commissions. And, as promised this is another fun piece by the amazing Joe Eisma!